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Montrac - Monorail Conveyor System - Components


The Montrac system components

Montrac stands for absolute flexibility in conveyor technology and thus for practically unlimited possibilities, combined with user-friendly simplicity of the entire system. For more than fifteen years Montrac has optimized global production and intralogistics processes of innovators. More and more there is a requirement to choose the most efficient way. If productivity is to be increased the first thought is to increase the number of machines. But this is not always necessary. The more cost effective and faster way to increase the productivity is to automate and/or optimize the material flow. This is hardly practicable with classical conveyor systems. Montrac can quickly, easily, flexibly and conveniently help with this project.



The Shuttles are the intelligent material handling vehicles and the
centerpiece of every Montrac system. A Shuttle is available with one drive axis or as a Twin-Axle Shuttle. Each Shuttle has a sensor, which prevents
potential collisions with obstacles or other Shuttles.


Workpiece plateform

The workpiece platforms are the link between the products and the Shuttle.
The platforms are available in various sizes. The number and location of the positioning prisms is a customerspecific choice. The prisms serve as counterpart of the PositioningUnit locking points.


The monorail consists of a colorless anodized aluminium rod extruded profile. The conductor rails can run along the left or right of the entire Trac, thus allowing a flexible positioning of the control modules. The Trac is compatible with the TracSet profile system.


The TracLink is the connecting element between two Trac sections, it connects the conductor rails and serves as feeding point as well as support point.



In the Montrac transport system changes of Trac direction by 45° or 90° are realized by curved Tracs. The minimum connection radius of 220 mm gives Montrac unparalleled flexibility.



The TracSwitch is used to distribute Shuttles from one lane to two, and vice versa. Thanks to the narrow radii, bypasses and branches are realized in a confined space. The TracSwitch is operated electrically and is powered directly from the conductor rails.


TracSwitch Arena

The TracSwitch Arena serves to convey the Shuttles either from one lane to a bypass (45°-output) or to the main lane. Thus it is possible to perform a complete bypass with a single component.



The crossing makes it possible for two lanes to intersect each other at a right angle. The electrical power is supplied directly from the conductor rails.


The SupoTrac serves as a support for manual workstations. In the SupoTrac the workpiece platform is slightly raised from the Shuttle. Thus processing is possible without having to strain the Shuttle with forces (the forces are transmitted to the Trac).



With the ErgoTrac a manual workstation can be set up more ergonomically. The workpiece platform is tilted 25° towards the operator. This makes the platform ergonomically more easily accessible and improves the visibility.


PositioningUnit PU-4  

A PositioningUnit is used when the Shuttle is to be precisely positioned and / or when the workpiece platform must be additionally supported during the machining operation. The PositioningUnit is available for single and multiple positioning.



The TracDoor (door) allows passage through a Montrac line or access to manual work stations within the line. It has its own base frames, these have to be ordered separately. It is intended to permit passage for at least one person or max. a small forklift (single and double version).


TracControl 1

The TC1-IRM (Intelligent Routing Module) is an optoelectronic communication module for data exchange allowing Shuttle, Trac and master control to interact with each other. The Shuttle and TC1-IRM communicate with each other via signals in the infrared spectrum.


TracControl 2

TracControl 2 offers many ways of controlling a Montrac system. Here modules comprising individual standardized Montrac components are controlled by a Montrac TracControl 2 Unit (TC2U).



The lift is used for the vertical transport of Shuttles to solve the following tasks: connecting two or more systems with different working heights and feeding of Shuttles from a station to a ceiling system or vice versa.



The TracSupply is used for supplying the power rails of the Montrac transport system with 24 VDC.



If the power requirement for a larger plant with many Shuttles is bigger than 40 A, the plant supply must be divided up into appropriate sections. These are supplied by a separate supply unit each. These sections are electrically decoupled from one another by IsolationTracs.


TracSet base frame                             

Appropriate base frames are available for all Montrac components.
The base frames have a modular design such as the rail system.
If necessary, the height of the base frames can be adapted to customers wishes.


Spezial components   

Customer-specific special components are listed further down.
The development engineers of the montratec AG are pleased to offer support and guidance in the implementation of special solutions.
The contact details are shown on the back of this catalog.



The profile system convinces through cross-product compatibility and flexibility. The proven dovetail system allows a quick and easy assembly of
all Montrac products.

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