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is an intelligent monorail conveying system for manufacturing and logistical processes.
Montrac systems are flexible, simple and user-friendly; the possibilities are nearly limitless. Montrac has been optimizing production processes and intralogistics in innovative companies worldwide for over a decade.
Wherever customers have to move multiple products, up to 30kg, Montrac is an efficient and profitable solution.
Get on the right Trac: Montrac!
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The Montrac intralogistics solution guarantees that products are moving to the right point at the right time with the best quality. But there is also a need to take the most efficient path. When increasing productivity, it is common to think that more machines are needed, but this is not always the case! The real way to increase the productivity is to organize and automate the material flow. While this is not always feasible with traditional conveyors. Montrac can do this in a simple, profitable, and flexible way.



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